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Are you in search of expert pediatric behavioral health screening and support services in Clarksburg and Montgomery Village, MD? Dr. Armina Rahman, Dr. Hershita Raheja, Dr. Jacqueline Douge and Dr. Sehar Maruf at Clarksburg Pediatrics provide comprehensive care and are experienced in behavioral health screening and support.

Do not fret if you feel your child needs a behavioral health screening. It is a routine part of pediatric care to discover and address any issues that a child may be dealing with physically, emotionally, and mentally. The sooner an issue is noticed the sooner it can be managed to the benefit of your child.

What Is Pediatric Behavioral Health Screening?

Pediatric behavioral health screening is a screening system of checklists and questionnaires for parents to help identify any developmental delay or disability. The screening is non-invasive, easy to do, and can reveal vital information about your child, so they can receive help and support services if needed as early as possible. In most cases, early screening can save a family and child trouble by addressing and offering help for issues that may cause the child trouble in school or daycare if left untreated. These screenings are often done at nine months, eighteen months, and thirty months, or at the parent's request. 

What Are Support Services?

Support services may include physical therapy, speech therapy, nutritional counseling, family therapy, and more depending on your child's needs. If your child has a behavioral issue that needs care you will find quality resources, right here in Clarksburg and Montgomery Village, MD.

Contact us for your child’s pediatric behavioral health screening and support services. Clarksburg Pediatrics serves the community with the best in pediatric care. Dr. Armina Rahman, Dr. Hershita Raheja, Dr. Jacqueline Douge and Dr. Sehar Maruf are all experienced in behavioral screening and support systems. The doctors can identify and address any growth or developmental delays in time and answer any questions parents may have about support services and improving their child's outcome. Call today to schedule your child’s next appointment, at (301) 528-8181.

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