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Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health In Clarksburg, MD & Montgomery Village, MD 

Behavioral Health Clarksburg & Montgomery Village, MD

You must bring your child into our office regularly for checkups, especially during the first few years of life. These well-child checkups allow our pediatricians to be able to assess your child’s health and to look for early warning signs of behavioral problems. Here at Clarksburg Pediatrics, our team of pediatricians has worked with kids dealing with everything from autism and ADHD to kids with special needs and other behavioral disorders.


The majority of kids who’ve been diagnosed with autism also have at least one mental health disorder. Here at Clarksburg Pediatrics in Clarksburg and Montgomery Village, we understand that kids with autism spectrum disorder are more likely to deal with OCD, anxiety, and depression and we specialize in being able to identify, evaluate, and treat these comorbid diagnoses.

We can also provide parents with the tools they need to effectively manage these behavioral issues while providing referrals for the cognitive behavioral therapy and support groups that can provide your child and the family as a unit with the support, education, and tools everyone needs for your child’s psychological and mental wellbeing. Learn More....


Children with ADHD are also more likely to deal with mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders and issues including mood disorders, behavioral disorders, and substance abuse. Our pediatric team can provide your child with any evaluations they may need as well as referrals to mental health professionals who can provide child and family therapy.

It’s important to talk with your child’s pediatrician in Clarksburg and Montgomery Village about any behavioral, emotional, and mental issues your child is dealing with so we can come up with effective strategies for combating these challenges. Learn More....

Special Needs Care

Just like with adults, good mental health is imperative for your child’s health and wellbeing. However, we understand that kids with special needs may be prone to dealing with behavioral health problems.

Again, our pediatric team has worked with countless kids with special needs over the years, and we can easily pinpoint and identify behavioral issues that could also be holding them back. From recommending certain medications and parent education to therapy, there are many options that we can recommend to support your child’s overall health and wellbeing.

Children with Disabilities

Children with disabilities may also be prone to depression and other mood disorders due to their condition. You must speak with your pediatrician right away if you notice any signs of depression, anxiety, or self-harm.

Here at Clarksburg Pediatrics, we can identify your child’s emotional, mental, and behavioral needs, pinpoint problem areas, and then find effective solutions to tackle these issues. We provide you and your family with the advocacy and support you need for your child.

If your child is displaying signs of a behavioral problem, it’s always best to talk with their pediatrician first. Clarksburg Pediatrics LLC has two offices in Clarksburg & Montgomery Village, MD, to provide more families with the care they need. To schedule an appointment, call us in our Montgomery Village, MD office at (301)-869-6461 or our Clarksburg office at (301) 528-8181.

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