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Why is my child dealing with recurring ear infections?

No parent wants to see their children in pain. Unfortunately, ear infections can be pretty painful. While ear infections are common, and most children will develop at least one by age 3, you should turn to our Montgomery Village & Clarksburg, MD, pediatricians Dr. Armina Rahman, Dr. Hershita Raheja and Dr. Jacqueline Douge if your child is dealing with persistent ear infections.

Why Does My Child Deal With Chronic Ear Infections?

Most ear infections go away on their own, so it can be distressing and confusing when they don’t. Your child’s ear infection may last longer than usual, reappear or not respond to the standard treatments you typically use to ease an ear infection. So, what is going on?

Your child is most likely dealing with chronic otitis media, which causes fluid buildup in the inner ear because the Eustachian tube isn’t draining correctly. Even once the infection has gone, fluid can remain trapped, leading to recurring infections.

When Is an Ear Infection Considered Chronic?

Chronic ear infections will not go away or often return despite treatment. For an ear infection to be considered chronic, symptoms must last three months. While most children won’t experience chronic ear infections, it’s still a good idea to turn to us if symptoms persist or worsen over the next few days.

When Should I Turn to a Pediatrician?

Now that you suspect that your child has an ear infection, do they immediately require an evaluation? Children over six months old who only deal with mild symptoms can often ease symptoms with at-home measures and probably don’t need to be checked.

However, any ear infection, chronic or not, that causes severe pain or discomfort should still be evaluated by our Montgomery Village & Clarksburg, MD, pediatricians. Sometimes antibiotics are the best way to treat the infection, especially if there is a risk of hearing loss or damage to the ear. If your child’s symptoms aren’t improving after three days of antibiotics, you should call us.

By bringing your child into our practice as soon as an ear infection strikes, our Montgomery Village & Clarksburg, MD, pediatricians Dr. Armina Rahman, Dr. Hershita Raheja and Dr. Jacqueline Douge can protect their hearing and prevent further complications. Call Clarksburg Pediatrics at (301) 528-8181 to schedule an evaluation for your little one.

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