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ADHD can greatly affect your child's performance in school as well as their social experience, but with the help of your local Clarksburg and Montgomery Village, MD, pediatrician it can be possible for them to overcome many of these obstacles. While ADHD cannot be cured, its damaging symptoms can be corrected with the assistance of a professional, so it's important to recognize these symptoms early so they can be treated as early as possible. Learn more about ADHD and what you can do as a parent by reaching out to Clarksburg Pediatrics withDr. Armina Rahman, Dr. Hershita Raheja, Dr. Jacqueline Douge, Dr. Sehar Maruf, Dr. LeAnne Miller, and Dr. Maria Yoon.

Common Traits of Childhood or Symptom?

As important as it is to recognize ADHD symptoms early it's also necessary to understand that a lot of these are traits common among most children and they can be true of just about any child at one point in their development. The most significant difference is that these behaviors can potentially mean your child has ADHD if they occur often, if they are severe, and if they negatively affect your child, either at school or at home.

Common Symptoms

The most common symptoms can include impulsivity, hyperactivity, and inattentiveness. These can manifest in outbursts, interrupting others, and difficulty with paying attention or focusing. They can be forgetful or daydream a lot, and may appear quieter than other children. Because of these symptoms, children with ADHD are sometimes misclassified as being lazy or lacking intelligence, which makes a proper diagnosis all the more important.

Pediatrician in Clarksburg and Montgomery Village, MD

Treatment for ADHD involves treating the symptoms through a multifaceted approach that includes behavior therapy and medication. Closely monitoring your child's response to medication is important so your doctor can adjust their prescription.

For help managing your child's ADHD symptoms, you can schedule a consultation with your Clarksburg and Montgomery Village, MD, pediatricians Dr. Armina Rahman, Dr. Hershita Raheja, Dr. Jacqueline Douge, Dr. Sehar Maruf, Dr. LeAnne Miller, and Dr. Maria Yoon of Clarksburg Pediatrics by dialing (301) 528-8181.

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