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At Clarksburg Pediatrics, Dr. Armina Rahman, Dr. Hershita Raheja and Dr. Jacqueline Douge are your dedicated pediatricians in Clarksburg, MD, and Montgomery Village, MD. We are here for you whenever you have a health concern for your child to support you both. Keep reading about children's sports injuries and come see us if your child has been injured.

Playing sports is great for kids to get physical activity, learn sportsmanship, and more. If your child is involved in sports, that's great! But as a parent, you probably have concerns about injuries. Athletes are more prone to injury, but there are also ways to help prevent injuries that your pediatricians in Clarksburg, MD, and Montgomery Village, MD, can help with.

Play smart

It's always smart to know the rules of the game and play on appropriate surfaces. Playing fields should be level and not full of holes and ruts. High-impact sports are best played on track material or wooden basketball courts, which are made of more forgiving material than concrete.


Stretching before physical activity can help prevent injuries. Talk to your doctor about your child's sport of choice and the exercises and stretches they could benefit from doing regularly before and after practice.

Use the right equipment

Use the right safety equipment recommended for the sport your child is playing. Take the time to make sure everything fits your child. Invest in a custom mouthguard for contact sports to prevent dental injuries.

Call us for treatment

When your child does sustain an injury, call your pediatrician right away. Some of the most common children's sports injuries are sprains and strains. You may be able to treat that at home with rest, ice, compression, and elevation, but you should always see your doctor to confirm there is no fracture.

We can help treat sports injuries at your pediatrician in Clarksburg, MD, and Montgomery Village, MD. Dr. Armina Rahman, Dr. Hershita Raheja and Dr. Jacqueline Douge are here to help. To make an appointment with Clarksburg Pediatrics, contact us at (301) 528-8181.

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